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  2. , Venezuelan voting fraud is a virus, constantly changing to fit the circumstance. The poorly/virtually unaudited REP has millions of virtual non-existent voters. The non-complaining MUD, and even endorsement of the REP and voting process, shows tremendous ignorance on their part, and probable conspiracy on the technical (Marquez/Bello/et.al..) level And, Briquet should be fired for being incompetent..

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  11. I think my problem is that being a Mother has trumped everything else in my life. Time management is good in theory until one of your little darlings NEEDS something. (and let’s face it they are forever throwing us curve balls lol) I am struggling to find an hour for myself here or there without suffering from Mommy Guilt AND without allowing our home and the work that comes with it to rule my life. I’m certain one day I will find balance!

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  29. Poulsen: More or less what I was thinking. I’m concerned that a type of boycott against this sort of conference would just leave a vacuum which could be filled with an anti-gay conference instead.I can see the point that this may be an undeserved boost for Uganda’s human rights reputation. Hopefully some discussion of the situation in that country will take place, in public or in private.

  30. Doesn’t it seem like so much of parenting is the gradual letting go? I mean every time I feel like I have it all “figured out” everything seems to suddenly shift and change, with no challenges on the horizon.I am so glad you shared this story b/c I too struggle w/ wanting and not wanting to want so often.

  31. Delonte West, at any price, is the opposite of low risk/high reward. Pretty sure the Mavs feel the same way since they’re waiving him for disrupting their locker room.

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  35. Patrick, le seul rapport que je vois de M. Iott avec le Tea Party Party en général, c’est le manque de savoir-faire et de l’examen de conscience qui caractérisent ce groupe. C’est à dire, ce n’est pas sa participation dans un groupe qui quasi-idolise la Schutz-staffel

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  42. I wouldn't overlook the fact that the Obama administration, and the other IEA countries dropped 60 Million Barrels onto market from the "Strategic" Petroleum Reserves a couple of weeks, IIRC, after the beginning of the decline (which started, coincidentally, on about the same day that the U.S. informed Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the UAE of the coming dump.)

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  53. The mountain thing is silly. Even the most mountainous parts of the US still have flat spaces here and there, and even dirt poor Armenia can afford earthmovers if they need to build one where there isnt any.

  54. Dr Helen .. Clayton E Cramer is self publishing (via Amazon/Kindle) a book he wrote on the history of de-instutionalization and his experiences with his brother's mental illness. I'm not sure if it's out yet. I read his blog regularly and I'm sure it would be worth checking out if you're not familar with him already.

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  60. Sorry James but this administration keeps serving up Clinton retreads , tax cheats, HUD cheats and incompetents to fill those positions. Please tell us what the new administration plans on succeeding at? – Rate this comment: 0  0

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  62. What bugs me is class action lawsuits. Netflix was sending movies out quickly to people that returned their movies after several days. If you returned your movie quickly, they took longer to send you a new movie. They lost their lawsuit and the lawyers made millions of dollars. The victims got a free Netflix upgrade so they could get another movie at a time.

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  68. No such thing as a fat burning gel, cream, pill, etc. They don’t exist. Don’t listen to anyone that says they do. The only way to lose weight is through a healthy diet and/or exercise. That’s it.

  69. good point. but the more i think about it, it’s probably less about who penelope is, and more about the fact that the farmer’s family doesn’t trust him, no matter who he chooses to marry, because it’s all about them. when/if he wakes up to that, he’ll be either forced to seek control for himself, or he’ll live in a pool of resentment for the rest of his days, subconscious or otherwise.

  70. · To Carmelo,I am so glad your kids love Ninjago too! I love that they are able to use their imaginations to take it to a new level by “reading” you the story. I am so amazed how motivating this cartoon/toy is as a tool to get kids reading!

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  122. Thanks for the explanation of the left-muslim nexus. Is the left in love with totalitarianism, or are they in hate with 'capitalism'/the free market/the idea of God-given freedom? Either way, this dalliance needs to be identified, defined, and attacked (not too strong a word, note) or we're all down the tubes.Thanks again,Mike R

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